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Malaysian Bitcoin Users Divest Carefully Into LTC and ETH

If they think that bitcoin is not an investment tools, then Litecoin or Ether ain't either.

I think they do it to hedge against the losing value off Ringgit against USD. Secondly, Litecoin and Ether is still affordable in exchange with ringgit compared to bitcoin that already way up high over 2500 level at this point.


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Entrepreneurship: Govt proposes blue ocean entrepreneurs town in Sabah

Imagine, that after 60 years, this is the second time they have this type of center in the Borneo part of Malaysia.

It seems to me that this part of the country is becoming a black sheep or stepson of the Malay peninsula part. Just look at the development there. It's so slow and some people are not even being recognized at Malaysian citizen

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10 Major Malls in Malaysia

There are ten major Malls in Malaysia. These malls are mostly and all the time visited by many Malaysian citizens and tourists every day. Since Malaysia is taxed exempted the prices are cheap. You may buy a lot of things with 200 Ringgits and the best part you have visited a lot of places too and tasted good varieties of their food in that much


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Food: Beefing up our food security

It's simple. It's all run by mafia or cartel that distribute the products.

Take shallots or chicken for example. Every Malay normally use it on their food. Besides, they rarely not use shallots or birds' eye pepper on any of their dishes.

Forget about the natural resources. Forget about the harvest report. Forget about natural disasters


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Penang Home Tuition IGCSE UEC KSSR PT3 SPM 统考

Dear parents, primary & secondary school students;

We provide 1 to 1 home tuition for Year/Standard 1,2,3,4,5,6, Remove,Form 1,2, PT3, Form 4, SPM, KSSR, Home Schooling,International School, IGCSE, UEC, 统考上门补习 UCSCAM, July Paper, Adult Mandarin.

We are able to travel all areas in Penang Island,


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Prosperity god predicts average economic growth

Aha ha ha! Some people believes this and that based on religion alone. No offense, but I think your own efforts decide your own prosperity.

The fact that many people predicts that this year of "fire rooster" would be a tough year, according to the Chinese anyway, but I don't think that I stick with that since everyone fate are quite

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Family of Malaysia's Jho Low moves to protect assets in 1MDB probe

Filed a protection in New Zealand and Cayman Island? That settled it that the people's money from the 1MDB was kept at the those two countries.

Even if they want to protect it, it won't stop the FBI to seize the money and take it back to the US. Hey, the US need that money to finance their surveillance operations anyway.


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Buy or borrow

Don't know if there's ice shaving machine for rent. So I would suggest it would be practical if you buy your own ice shaving machine. Anyways you can always use that if you have an even. Or if you have tight budget, maybe someone from you neighborhood or friends have one, you can borrow them for just a day.

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It's Better To Buy It

I am faintly familiar with ice shaving machine and I think it's a nice machine equipment to have. And I personally think that it's better that you buy it that ti rent it for your event. But if renting it is more feasible to you due to financial restraints, then by all means rent it but if you can afford to buy it without having serious hole in

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Tak masuk akal tuduh saya jual negara kepada China, kata Najib

Aha ha ha! Lots of people in the traditional and strict country like Malaysia wouldn't understand the value of globalization. But of course if the wealth is being spread to everyone then it's justified.

But this one might not be like that. Those ports might employed immigrant from Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar or even from China since this is


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