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Unfair double blow by Malaysia on Foreign workers by the levies hike and GST

Malaysia will raise the levy on foreign workers in 2011, after having deferred the implementation last year, Deputy Prime Minister Tan ...Malaysia will be recorded. ?However, it depends on the Home Ministry and Immigration (Department) on when the system can be implemented. ...Malaysia on Foreign workers by the levies hike and GST,  read here in
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Amnesty - Stop whipping illegal immigrants

Malaysia to stop whipping illegal immigrants as a form of punishment and criticised attempts by the government to muzzle freedom of ...Malaysia chapter of its 2010 human rights annual report, released Thursday, the London-based group said 34, 923 whippings were carried out for ...Malaysia has accepted to uphold the protection of human dignity,
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Yahoo! Answers: Nigerians and Africans in Malaysia?

Very often the Malaysian newspapers publish articles about the Nigerians and Africans is involved illegal wrong doings like fake money, cheating widows/divorcees money, etc right? Why then, daily few hundred are coming in through airport into Malaysia? Who is helping them get illegal student visas? Who is in charge in the Ministry Of Higher
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To Malaysia Tourism Minister, Azalina Othman: white card is a hindrance to Msian

When Malaysia decided to do away with the white immigration cards for Singaporeans entering the country, it was widely welcome especially among motorists. The white card had been troublesome and an annoyance. Now we could enter Malaysia on a whim without worrying whether we had any white
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Video: Shell harm whistleblower 2003 vid 91- Secret Shell fax to Malaysian Immig

Secret fax to Malaysian Immigration Being a financial whistleblower is one thing. But death threats are at a different level and no joke. And three calls of them are worse. Yet that is what occurred in November 2003 against Shell Whistleblower Mr. John Johns Have a look at the video recording of the death threats as they play for all too now see.
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Questions: Which is the best coach service to use between Malaysia and Singapore

I would like to make a day trip into Singapore whilst I'm attending a conference in Malaysia, I had orignally planned on using Airebus but I've read some really nasty reviews about this coach service. Also I have a Zambian passport, do I need a visa to enter Singapore (I dont need one for Malaysia)? I've been to their immigration and customs site
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this is malaysia official immigration portal link :

if you have any inquiries about anything refer to working in malaysia go thru this website and contact them personally to find

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Headquarters of the Department of Immigration, Malaysia (Ministry of Home Affair

2, and Federal Government Administration Centre and 62550 Putrajaya Malaysia. Is this address real or
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Video: rfid malaysia biometrics fingerprint door access biometric

Rfid Malaysia Biometrics Malaysia Biometric Fingerprint Door Card Access Control Security System Smart Home Intelligent Building Online Lift Elevator Escalator Manufacturer Supplier Supply Road Transport System Traffic Barrier Visitor Management Hotel Resort Hospital Bank University College Community Library Shipyard Shipping Port Cargo Customs
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Can my grandson renew his passport in the USA?

My grandson was born in Malaysia.He is 5 years old hand holds a Malaysian and US passport since his father is a US citizen.They are now living in the US and my grandson's passport is expiring in Oct 2010.Can my grandson renew his Malaysian passport at the Malaysian Embassy in Washington so that he has a new passport for his trip to Malaysia in Dec
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